Body Oils for Soft Skin now is offering a great selection of body oils at very affordable prices. We know that soft skin is a must for a beautiful appearance and to maintain a high level of confidence while being in an intimate encounter. Dry skin can be embarrassing and we here is glad to be able to help you achieve the softest skin possible so you can feel sexy and confident at all times.

Body Oils
  • Body Oil Kit by Weleda

    $11.99 Regular $14.99
    Save $3.00
  • Body Oil Lavendar 3.4oz Weleda

    $14.99 Regular $19.99
    Save $5.00
  • Body Oil Sea Buckthorn 3.4oz Weleda

    $16.99 Regular $23.99
    Save $7.00
  • Body Oil Wild Rose 3.4oz Weleda

    $17.99 Regular $25.00
    Save $7.01
  • Olivella Olive Moisturizer Oil 1.69oz

    $18.99 Regular $25.39
    Save $6.40
  • Pregnancy Body Oil 3.4oz Weleda

    $14.99 Regular $21.99
    Save $7.00
  • Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil 10ml Sibu International

    $9.99 Regular $14.99
    Save $5.00
  • Virgin Olive Oil Hand Cream 2.54oz Olivella

    $9.99 Regular $12.99
    Save $3.00