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Biomed Health was founded in 1992 by a world renowned medical researcher, BioMed Health developes nutritional formulas which incorporate research with knowledge from leading health professionals from around the world. Their products embrace the best of western science and eastern medicine comprising of both Traditional Chinese Medicines and Ayurvedic Medicines.

By enhancing your inner health, how you look, feel and perform will also improve. Biomed Health is dedicated to providing you with high quality, safe and effective natural solutions that address your specific needs and support your overall personal health.

BioMed Health
  • Bao Shi Mens Hair Supplement 120ct Biomed Health

    $24.99 Regular $35.99
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  • Bao Shi Womens Hair Supplement 120ct Biomed Health

    $24.99 Regular $35.99
    Save $11.00
  • Femi-Yin Menopause Relief 60ct Biomed Health

    $19.99 Regular $26.99
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