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Biotene Dental Care Products are natural oral care prodcuts designed to increase dental health for your overall health. Few people are really aware of how important oral hygiene is to overall health. Far too many people forego brushing and flossing, thinking that they’re still taking care of the most important aspects of their physical health. These same people might be shocked to know that bad oral hygiene has been linked to heart disease and a variety of other ailments. Fortunately, maintaining good oral health is easy. And with a little help from Biotene Dental Care Products, you can maximize the effectiveness of your oral hygiene regimen, much to the benefit of your overall health. Great breath is just a bonus.

Many of the dental ailments that can lead to more serious physical conditions begin with something as simple as dry mouth. When your mouth is dry, bacteria are able to flourish because there’s no saliva to sweep them away. This is why chewing gum can actually help to prevent cavities. Biotene Dry Mouth Gum not only stimulates saliva production, but it also contains enzymes that are naturally found in saliva so that, even after you’re done chewing, these enzymes are on your teeth, preventing bacteria from congregating in those hard-to-reach spaces in between your teeth. Biotene Dental Care Products are a simple solution to this simple problem.

One of the best ways to kill germs in your mouth is the regular use of mouthwash. But most mouthwash formulas are so harsh that they leave your mouth feeling like a war zone. Fortunately, Biotene Dental Care Products has developed a milder-tasting mouthwash that kills germs and without leaving your mouth feeling as though it’s been nuked. It’ll leave the tissue in your mouth feeling soft and gently treated while killing germs, promoting healing, and protecting your teeth and gums from further attack by the bacteria that will always come back.

Some people dislike brushing their teeth because harsh toothpastes leave their sensitive teeth feeling beat-up and abused. Biotene Dental Care Products has formulated a toothpaste for sensitive teeth containing potassium nitrate, which increases protection against sensitivity. But this toothpaste also features Biotene’s unique formula of natural immune-boosting enzymes that both kill germs and protect against irritation. Your mouth will feel cleaner and more comfortable than ever before. And, of course, the Biotene Super-Soft Toothbrush is the ideal tool to get the maximum effectiveness out of your toothpaste. The super-soft bristles effectively remove plaque and food debris without irritating sensitive gums.
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