Clif & Luna Bars
Increase Energy & Protein Intake

Clif Bar Inc is committed to your health and the environment. They want to make sure the way they do business helps sustain the natural resources and communities that we all depend on. That's why they are working to reduce our ecological footprint in everything they do, from the field to the final product, Clif Bar Inc. has your health and the enviorment in mind.

Clif & Luna Bars
  • Clif Shots Energy Gel 24pk

    Clif Shots Energy Gel 24pk

    $21.99 MSRP $31.25
    Save $9.26
  • Clif Shot Bloks 18pk

    Clif Shot Bloks 18pk

    $26.99 MSRP $40.49
    Save $13.50
  • Clif Builder's Max 9pk

    Clif Builder's Max 9pk

    $20.99 MSRP $26.91
    Save $5.92