CNP Professional Supplements
By Dorian Yates

CNP Professionals has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing the highest quality sports nutrition supplements since 1999. Most people would not recognize the name, CNP Professional, because they started out as Dorian Yates Approved, a name that reflected the involvement and participation of Mr. Dorian Yates, bodybuilding legend. In 2006, Dorian elected to concentrate his efforts into developing a gym franchising business and relinquished all involvement and participation with the company.

As a result of Dorian's withdrawal from the business, we changed the name of the company to more accurately reflect our product line and our customer base. The "CNP" in our name stands for Certified Nutritional Products. In spite of the new name, the products are the same great products that we have always manufactured and we have them tested and certified to be free of illegal substances. The word "Professional" in our name is an accurate description of our standard customer - an elite individual of accomplishment in the business world or in athletics. We have extremely loyal customers, many of whom come from the world of professional athletics. Our client base includes the entire range from professional bodybuilders, professional boxers, mixed martial arts fighters, ultimate fighters, and world record holders in various events to amateur bicycle racing competitors, triathlon competitors, and weekend warriors. These people use our products because they can trust the quality and the results

CNP Professionals

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