Designer Skin Tanning Lotions
Achieve Your Natural Glow

Designer Skin Tanning Lotions have been developed to help individuals acheive their natural glow. Designer Skin is formulated to deliver moisture and protection to your skin and contain ingredients such as alpha lipoic acid, phyto-age and copper, which enhance tanning results and provide anti-aging benefits. This unique product line contains bronzers, dark tanners, moisturizers and other skin care products developed to help care for your new tan and extend its “life.” These sunless products do not have SPF, so they are not recommended for outdoor use.

Many Designer Skin tanning lotions cause a “tingle” on the surface of the skin. The active ingredient is Benzyl Nicotinate. It increases circulation and oxygenation of the skins cells. These products are recommended for advanced tanners. Beginners or those with sensitive skin could experience skin irritation. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a natural substance, obtained from a vegetable source that promotes the browning of the skin. The Dual Action Bronzers contain caramel and walnut extract combined with DHA sunless tanning agents. When used at least four hours after a tanning session, they work with the proteins in the skin to deliver an even deeper, darker tan.

Designer Skin
For that deep dark tropical tan look no further than Designer Skin indoor tanning bed lotion ans products. A get darker than than ever before and keep your skin looking healthy with Designer Skin moisturizers.

Designer Skin Tanning Products — Nutrition for Your Skin. Would you like to achieve a golden-bronze color with firmer, smoother radiant skin? Designer Skin Tanning Products were developed with the principle of “Nutrition for the Skin,” and this mantra drives every Tanning Product and Moisturizer Designer Skin develops. The Designer Skin Tanning Lotions contain superior skincare ingredients such as alpha lipoic acid, phyto-age, and copper, which will enhance your tanning results while providing powerful anti-aging benefits.

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