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True Innovation

Designer Supplements prides themselves on their products, their effectiveness and True Innovation. With many months, and in some cases years, of diligent and thorough research, theorization, design, and testing, all of their products have significant scientific support. More importantly, Designer supplements has had the unique ability to effectively bridge theory and practice, with each product they have exceeded the already high expectations of the paying public.

This unique product line presented by Designer Supplements covers all bases of muscle growth and fat loss that work through different pathways so that you can choose the right product for you or so that you can stack various products for a synergistic effect. The Designer Supplements line-up is broad, currently ranging from Lean Xtreme (cortisol-control) to Glucophase XR (controls insulin, promotes good health), to the brand new, ultimate fat-incinerating Melting Point. For muscle building, the company that introduced the world to Rebound XT (an unmatched anti-estrogen, and testosterone booster), we present ActivaTe (the newly heralded non-hormonal anabolic) and XCEED (a no-nonsense pre-workout strength and muscle promoter). In the future, Designer Supplements will have much more to offer the supplement industry and their loyal customers, as their product line expands and they introduce new developments of True Innovation each and every time.

Our vision is innovation, and our mission is perfection.Designer Supplements... True Innovation.

Designer Supplements
  • Activate Xtreme 120ct Driven Sports

    Activate Xtreme 120ct Driven Sports

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