Colon Cleansing Products by Holistic Horizons

Holistic Horizons brand of colon cleansing products are the only colon hygiene products formulated to be the very best natural colon cleansing supplements. Holistic Horizons products are the formulae of Robert Gray & his Intestinal Cleansing Program. Not only does Holistic Horizons help to cleanse the colon mildly and gently, but it also promotes the growth of healthy colonies of beneficial and friendly lacto bacteria.

Holistic Horizons products are made from the very highest quality ingredients. They have been proven effective for more than two decades of use by thousands of users. Each batch of Holistic Horizons products are laboratory tested for purity and quality.

Good health and well being begins with having a clean, well functioning intestinal tract. Colon cleansing and proper colon hygiene is not only a good ideas but essential to prolonged good health and overall well being.

Holistic Horizons
  • Intestinal Bulking Agent 12oz Holistic Horizons

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  • Intestinal Bulking Agent II 12oz Holistic Horizons

    $13.99 Regular $16.95
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  • Premium Skin Brush w/ Vegetable Bristles

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