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Lenny & Larry's
Lenny & Larry's began in 1993. One day while having coffee after a morning workout at Gold's Gym in Venice, California, two friends had the crazy idea of putting protein in muffins. Combining a fitness background with an interest in nutritional baked goods and promotional fun, former American Gladiator (“CYCLONE”) and his good friend, decided to create and market high protein muffins, Muscle Brownies, The Complete Cookie and other all natural baked goods.

After months of planning they came up with some great tasting, healthy products and the "guaranteed to make you smile" logo. Guess What? Everyone loved it and away they went with the belief the product should taste better than the package it comes in.

The principles of Lenny & Larry's take an active role in the research and development as well as the sales of their successful product lines. Lenny & Larry's mission is to continue to create and distribute healthy baked goods as well as to encourage physical fitness and a healthy diet. Let’s get healthy together!
  • All-Natural Complete Cookie 12ct Lenny & Larry's

    $19.99 Regular $29.99
    Save $10.00
  • Fit Protein Brownie by Lenny & Larry's 12ct

    $18.99 Regular $24.99
    Save $6.00
  • Muscle Brownie 12pk Lenny & Larry's

    $27.99 Regular $38.99
    Save $11.00
  • The Complete Cookie 12pk Lenny & Larry's

    $20.99 Regular $29.88
    Save $8.89