Molecular Nutrition

Molecular Nutrition was founded in July 2001 by industry columnist, researcher, author and inventor William Llewellyn. The goal of Molecular Nutrition from its moment of inception was to establish itself as the premier sports nutrition company. Molecular Nutrition has set some of the main stream standards of excellence by which all other companies now gauge themselves. By building brand recognition and consumer loyalty Molecular Nutrition only manufactures the highest quality and most effective products in the industry. Every detail involved with production, from formulation, raw materials acquisitioning, and product testing, to pricing, packaging and advertising, is always reviewed and scrutinized utilizing the highest standards of quality control in the industry. All of Molecular Nutritions supplements are made in fully licensed food and drug manufacturing facilities, which strictly adhere to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines set forth by the FDA.

At Molecular Nutrition they do not follow the industry trends. They innovate the products and technologies that are changing the face of sports supplementation. Our initial offerings consisted of three revolutionary new steroidal products (Boldione, 3-Alpha and Viratase), including two potent new prohormones based on patents Llewellyn had filed. These inventions marked a major milestone in the history of sports nutrition, as they catapulted the industry out of the dark ages of “andro” and “19-nor” into the era of truly effective prohormones we see today. After receiving early support from key distributors and developing a loyal Internet following, our growth gained tremendous momentum with the release of 1-T Estergels in April 2002. 1-T revolutionized the hormone industry being the first oil-solubilized, softgel encapsulated prohormone. The company’s line has since grown into a full array of innovative new sports supplement products sold worldwide including Europe, Asia and Australia. Molecular Nutrition will continue to grow by opening new markets and expanding our line with the most exciting new advancements in the field of performance-enhancement.

Molecular Nutrition – for the consumer who demands excellence!

Molecular Nutrition
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