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Muscle Pharm
Muscle Pharm
Muscle Pharm products are a result of scientific research & development that includes state-of-the-art physiology science with real life application. Muscle Pharm products have been tested on over 100 elite athletes that range from the NFL, MMA, MLB and professional bodybuilders.

Using a patented formula called Omega Wave; Muscle Pharm has completely changed the advancement of their product line. This unique formula can now be a competitive edge for you to try. Muscle Pharm products are subject to ongoing quality control research that includes having every lot of every product tested for various elements, including microbial testing. Also, audits are conducted on an ongoing basis to ensure that Muscle Pharm product manufacturers are qualified to produce high-quality products in accordance with the FDA's (current) Good Manufacturing Practice.

Muscle Pharm has been a key sponsor of many UFC fighters in the last few months with their athletic supplements receiving the highest praise from the UFC fighters. As seen at UFC 105, nearly every fighter was sponsored by Musclepharm, and all of them credited Muscle Pharm supplements for their unbelievable conditioning and recovery from their rigorous training schedules.

Whether you are looking for a test booster, pre-workout powder, night time recovery formula, fat loss products or that perfect protein supplements, Muscle Pharm has all your needs in mind!
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    Assault by Muscle Pharm 30serv

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