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Nutrition 53 was started by Bill Romanowski. During his 16 years playing in the National Football League, Bill had learned the value of nutrition. He gained personal knowledge from trainers and nutritionists that helped keep him at the top of his game for longer than most football players do. Many of his teammates received this knowledge from Bill. However, by the end of his career, it had taken its toll on him. He had suffered over two dozen concussions that had led to neurological problems and some memory issues.

To combat this, he brought the ferocity he was famous for on the gridiron to bear. That was the beginning of his baby. Faced with life challenging problems, Bill turned back to the nutrition that had served him so well during his football career. He gathered a team of top scientists and nutrition experts to see what they could do to help. They came up with formulas that turned his life around. These same formulas are the basis for Nutrition 53’s growing success. You can now experience these same successes by trying these premium nutrition supplements.

Let’s start with the first formula that Nutrition 53 developed. That is Neuro 1. With the challenges that Bill faced after so many head injuries, the team made this formula priority one. The results show how well they did their job. They designed this formula to give the mind the boost it needs to remain focused and strong throughout the day. It helps improve the capacity to learn and to retain information. It improves long-term functioning of the brain. Memory and focus get attention as well. Another formula in the company’s arsenal is Lean 1. This special formula focuses on getting the body lean and supporting cardio and digestive health. It enhances lean muscle growth as well as fat combustion. This combination encourages weight loss and muscle development.

To keep the body working at top speed, Nutrition 53’s formula Multi 1 provides a full range of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. This combination gives the body essential nutrients to keep it healthy. The formula provides a range of benefits that includes healthy bones, skin, and eyes along with immune system enhancement. To round off the company’s offering, let’s look at Sleep 1. The team designed this formula to help everyone get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is vital for good health. Without it, the mind and body suffer in many ways.

Nutrition 53’s formulas deliver more than just nutrition. They deliver better health, greater confidence and a brighter future. From staying lean to sleeping well and thinking clearly, Nutrition 53 is providing people with real tools and answers to help them achieve their very best and "live like they mean it."

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