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Promax Nutrition
Promax Nutrition
Promax Nutrition cares about what goes into people’s bodies. Hence, their nutritional protein bars are loaded with vitamins and minerals and great-tasting flavors. All of their products are free from artificial sweeteners or preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, maltitol or gelatin, and gluten and they are kosher and vegetarian as well.

Promax is passionate about fit, well-nourished bodies!
  • Fit 'n Crisp 12pk Promax

    $16.99 Regular $24.60
    Save $7.61
  • Promax Energy Bars 12pk

    $17.99 Regular $26.40
    Save $8.41
  • Promax LS Energy Bar 12pk

    $18.99 Regular $27.60
    Save $8.61
  • Promax Pro Series 12pk

    $28.99 Regular $45.00
    Save $16.01
  • Protein Bar 12ct Promax

    $17.99 Regular $26.40
    Save $8.41
  • Pure Bar Organic by Promax 12bars

    $21.99 Regular $32.28
    Save $10.29
  • Pure Organic Bar 12pk Promax

    $20.99 Regular $32.28
    Save $11.29