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Purus Labs
Purus Labs
Purus Labs is a research driven company creating performance enhanced products with scientifically tried and proven ingredients. You can be assured that you’re getting exactly what you pay for since Purus Labs Supplements test at the highest purity and dosing accuracy. Never again will you have to worry about undisclosed ingredients, under dosed amounts, contaminated bottles or cheap fillers. Finally you can have complete confidence in the quality of the ingredients of your chosen supplement.

Purus Labs does not make a “One Size Fits All” supplement product; they instead provide you with a synergistic stacking option to fit your body’s needs more precisely. These stacks also fit your individual goals to build size, strength or speed.

I-Supplements.com is proud to carry Purus Labs performance enhancing supplements at our great everyday low cost to you.
  • TheaTrim 60ct Purus Labs

    TheaTrim 60ct Purus Labs

    $32.99 Regular $55.99
    Save $23.00
  • Organ Shield 60ct Purus Labs

    Organ Shield 60ct Purus Labs

    $19.99 Regular $33.95
    Save $13.96
  • Noxygen 40/serv Purus Labs

    Noxygen 40/serv Purus Labs

    $19.99 Regular $34.95
    Save $14.96
  • D-Pol by Purus Labs 90ct

    D-Pol by Purus Labs 90ct

    $29.99 Regular $50.99
    Save $21.00
  • Condense by Purus Labs 40srv

    Condense by Purus Labs 40srv

    $32.99 Regular $55.99
    Save $23.00
  • BCAA 240ct Purus Labs

    BCAA 240ct Purus Labs

    $17.99 Regular $30.95
    Save $12.96
  • Recycle 100ct Purus Labs

    Recycle 100ct Purus Labs

    $39.99 Regular $67.99
    Save $28.00