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Spectrum Labs has been manufacturing the World's Best Nicotine Masking Products since 1992. In that time they have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world protect their privacy by enabling them to pass a nicotine test. Random nicotine testing and pre-employment nicotine screens affect practically every worker in the United States and is so poorly regulated that even nicotine-free workers taking over-the-counter medications can test positive falsely and lose their job.

Spectrum Labs philosophy is "Live Positive Test Negative" and their nicotine masking products will help you pass any nicotine test.

Spectrum Labs
  • Absolute Detox Carbo-Drink by Spectrum Labs

    $19.99 Regular $32.99
    Save $13.00
  • Absolute XXL Detox Carbo Drink Spectrum Labs

    $24.99 Regular $45.00
    Save $20.01
  • Detoxifying Quick Flush Caps 18ct Spectrum Labs

    $24.99 Regular $39.99
    Save $15.00
  • Get Clean Shampoo 4oz Spectrum Labs

    $19.99 Regular $34.99
    Save $15.00
  • Urine Luck Detoxifying Agent by Spectrum Labs

    $27.99 Regular $39.95
    Save $11.96