Supre Indoor Tanning
Lotions & Skin Care Products

Supre Tan indoor tanning lotions and Skin Care Products offers tanners and great selection of tan accelerating lotions and mosturizers. Tanning lotions are mandatory to getting a deep dark tan, but also for protecting the skin against any damaging effects of tanning. I-Supplements is your one stop source for discount Supre tanning lotions and moisturizers.

Supre has combined the finest ingredients that come together in formulations to fit each tanner's individual needs. The bronzers deliver a rich, golden glow that gives you a deep natural looking tan. Potent accelerators, intensifiers and maximizers amp up the depth and darkness of your tan leaving you with a glow like no other product can deliver.

The antioxidant rich blends of skin firming vitamins and extracts provide you with age defying benefits. The combination of botanical oils and butters moisturize and condition hungry skin, leaving it lusciously soft. Supre delivers quality and effectiveness in each one of their products.