Viviscal Hair Care Products

Viviscal hair care products are formulated using a highly refined marine protein complex known as AminoMar C. Viviscal is a clinically proven hair loss treatment that can turn thinning hair into thicker, more beautiful hair. In addition, Viviscal is used extensively by models and actors to promote longer, stronger, and healthier hair.

Viviscal hair care products provide nourishment for your hair. Viviscal hair vitamins for hair loss are a combination of vitamin C, silica compounds, and a highly concentrated marine protein. It is well known that basic amino acids, fats and vitamins are essential for the growth of healthy hair. Undernourishment slows the growth rate of hair, and eventually leads to the hair thinning and then actually falling out. To put it simply, Viviscal hair care products are designed to replace and re-energize those nutrients.

Viviscal hair care products will nourish your hair follicles, strengthen and encourage the growth of existing hair while promoting the growth of weaker hair.

Viviscal Hair Products