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Allergy Care Products – What’s Available to Help Your Fight Against Allergies?

There are all kinds of allergy care products out there in the market, with each one doing something a little bit different to help fight off an allergy attack. You have everything from eye drops and antihistamines to nasal sprays and cough drops. Take Allergy A & D, for example. This drug may be able to help prevent certain types of cancer, is able to seek out and destroy toxic oxygen free radicals, is able to stimulate the immune system and helps out the regular function of the ovarian system. These pills are made with a dry form of both vitamin A and D and they will work nicely for someone who is allergic to fish or fish oil.

Other allergy products include Baywood Allergy Formula, a specialized formula that Dr. Harris thought to have patented back in the day. This allergy supplement combines all natural herbs with enzymes from botanicals. If you are suffering some type of skin related allergy, something that is causing an itch, burn or rash on the skin, then you should look towards Dr. Zhang’s Herbal Formulas. In addition to burning, itching sensations and rashes, it is also able to help with dry skin, chapped skin, contact dermatitis and hand dermatitis. When tested in a clinical environment, Dr. Zhang’s formula can be seen to have worked within only a few days time.

Dr. Zhang also made other allergy care products, such as his herbal formula that is able to help fight off the everyday allergy reactions you suffer from. This supplement works to keep you from sneezing, your nose running, your throat from itching and your eyes from watering. A popular Japanese herb called honeysuckle is used this supplement. Honeysuckle has been found, both in clinical trials and in the lab, to have very strong properties, making seem like an anti-allergen. You will likely see an improvement with your allergy suffering within a day. Before this supplement was put on the market, Dr. Zhang simply used the formula in his private practice.

Aler-X is another allergy supplement you might try. It offers temporary relief from all of the usual allergy symptoms, such as runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing and itching. Its formula is perhaps most comparable to that of Benadryl. Or maybe you might be more interested in trying something known as Air Defense. This supplement was created to help kill germs, bacteria, pollen, fungi, mold, yeast, dust & viruses, all of which can be harmful once they enter your airway. This allergy care product is great for when you in a very public place.
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  • Eye Drops #2 Allergy Eyes .33oz Similasan

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