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Kidney Health Care Supplements – Nature’s Blood Filter

The kidneys are part of the human urinary system that regulate electrolytes and filter waste products from the bloodstream. The kidneys produce urine as well as reabsorb water, amino acids, and unused glucose. As an organ, the kidneys serve several functions essential to the body such as helping to regulate blood pressure, ridding the body of urea and ammonium, and maintaining pH balance. The kidneys also produce hormones such as renin and calcitriol, as well as erythropoietin. With so many body functions dependent on the kidneys, kidney health care supplements are a smart investment to help keep kidneys functioning their best.

Minor kidney ailments such as kidney stones and infections can be lessened or prevented with proper care, nutrition, and dietary supplements. Keeping kidneys clean and working at optimal levels with kidney health care supplements can help rid the body of excess toxins that might otherwise overload the kidneys and cause potential health problems. Just as an air filter can get clogged with debris, kidneys can become overworked or overrun with toxins and waste products, especially in individuals with less than ideal functioning renal tissue. Natural supplements that contain vitamins and minerals that assist kidney function should be an important part of any dietary supplement plan.

Herbal supplements such as Dong Quai and He Sho Wu have been historically used in Chinese medicine since ancient times to promote healthy kidney and liver function. These kidney health care supplements are available in formulations that combine them with other blood pressure regulating herbal remedies. Since the kidneys help regulate blood pressure as well as filter waste, supplements that help alleviate the hard work a kidney must do to keep factors like blood pressure running effectively are naturally a benefit to the kidneys.

Additional kidney health care supplements and home remedies provide alternatives to antibiotics for kidney infections, as well as the ability to test urine at home, rather than in a doctor’s office or lab. These over the counter tests typically check for protein in the urine. Since protein is not normally supposed to be present in urine, a positive test result may be an indication of infection or other malfunction in the kidneys that should be addressed by a medical professional. For alternatives to pharmaceutical antibiotics, supplements containing Angelica root extract have been known and used to fight infections in the bladder and kidney for centuries. Known as a cure for poisons in ancient times, it was used to purify the blood stream of infection and toxins.
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