Wrestlers Supplement Guide

Wrestling is a sport that is very demanding on the body and began in the ancient times. This was the first sport introduced to the Olympics by the Greeks in 708 BC and has been popular ever since.

Wrestlers rely on their body strength, balance and quickness to win matches by pinning their opponent. When wrestlers train, they have to be develop certain tactics to allow them to overwhelm their opponent. Many look for a certain supplement regimen to help them train harder and reach a certain level to dominate each match.

After developing relationships with wrestlers over the years, I-Supplements.com has gained the knowledge on what supplements are effective for wrestling competitors. This products are not overnight miracle workers, but have been used by wrestlers to improve their performance. It is important to incorporate an effective nutrition and training regimen, along with consuming supplements. The guide below is will include certain categories and products for each one. It is very simple, but extremely effective!!

Wrestling Supplements


A multi-vitamin is full of the essential nutrients your body requires each day. It is extremely hard to receive each one from food daily, unless you perfect a nutrition plan, which would take several hours a day to do. Multi-Vitamins will help you stay healthy for the demanding sport of wrestling, allowing you to train harder and reserving energy to live your life outside of wrestling.


You should consume a certain amount of protein each day. A good rule of thumb to go by is to take the same or more amount of grams of protein as your body weight. So, if you weight 180lb, you need to consume a minimum of 180gm of protein. Protein is consider the building blocks of your body. It is very essential to muscle growth, size, strength and functional joints. There is a variation of protein products such as Whey, Isolate & Weight Gainers.


Creatine is used by the majority of your athletes and bodybuilders to flood your muscle with essential nutrients. Creatine users benefit from increase in muscle size, strength and energy into your muscles. A few types of creatine that are used by many, include: Creatine Monohydrate and Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE). Creatine is being used in many of the formulas found in pre-workout and post-workout supplements.

Joint Care:

Joint Care Supplements are becomming more and more popular every day. These type of products are featured with Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin to relieve pain in the joints and individuals suffering with artritus. Joint Care Supplements help you train harder and recover faster, due to not suffering an abundant amount of pain throughout your training regimen. These products are highly recommended by the team at I-Supplements.com for serious athletes.
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