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17-HD Explosive Test Booster

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17-HD (17- Halo-Methyl-Diana-drone) Explosive Power In A Matter Of Minutes From New Testosterone Booster! Brought to you by I-Supplements.com

17 HD is a revolutionary all natural anabolic formula designed to help pack on lean muscle pounds. It elevates serum levels of free testosterone resulting in an increase in strength, muscle size, and work-out intensity.

The patent pending hydroxalation process rearranges the hydrogen and oxygen molecules on the natural steroid ring of a highly anabolic South American plant source. However, there are no additional synthetic "side chain" attached (This would be classified as a designer steroid because the synthetic side chain is added). This potent substrate is in your system in a matter of minutes giving a rush of pure power which reaches every muscle cell in your body. It is not only highly androgenic and anabolic but it also causes rapid cell regeneration, and is anti-estrogenic as well.

If your looking for a leaner more muscular physique, and hair raising intensity during your workouts, Then 17-HD is the answer. After only one pill you can't deny the amazing power of this cutting edge phenomenon. 17-HD is the new King of natural muscle enhancement.

17-HD Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving:

17- Halo-Methyl-Dianadrone: 400mg
Betaecdysterone 50mg
Wild yam extract 100mg
Glabra 100mg
Phosphatidyl choline 50mg
Citric acid 50mg

Directions: Take one 17-HD capsule daily 30 minutes prior to workout.

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Muscle Building Tips:
Tip 1 - Eat at least 1.5 grams of protein per each pound of muscle weight
Tip 2 - Eat meals every 3-4 hours.
Tip 3 - Intake a post workout shake within 45 minutes after training.