Ashwagandha 60ct Nature's Formulary

Natural Stress Reliever

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Ashwagandha by Nature's Formulary is a safe and effective formula designed to help relieve symptoms of stress. Individuals deal with stress everyday with work, family, along with many other contributing factors, rely on Ashwagandha to help you throughout those stressful days.

Lifestyle suggestions:

1.Individuals of dominant Vata Dosha can have be "high energy", but they lack stamina. Ashwagandha helps improve their endurance. Kapha people are naturally laid back and not given to high energy. When they are out of balance, they show signs of stress and depression. Ashwagandha helps rejuvenate Kapha types.

2. Vata people can help themselves by choosing foods that offer sustained energy. Kapha people need to vary routines and exercise

3. Vata types would do well to get a massage, meditate or practice yoga to help them focus.

Ingredients: One vegetarian capsule contains 300 mg Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) (Root extract) standardized for 4.5 mg Withanolides

Other Ingredients: Capsule (plant-derived Cellulose), Millet grain, Cellulose (plant-derived), Silica, Magnesium Stearate.

Suggested Use: Best to take One capsule twice a day, with meals.

Usage Precautions: Ashwagandha has been used safely in India for several centuries. We suggest this product not be used if have very high blood pressure, or are pregnant or nursing.