Bronze D Coded 10oz Australian Gold

Australian Gold Bronze D Coded

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Bronze D Coded 10oz Australian Gold

Achieve Deep color with this HydraDark™ Bronzer that combines DHA, Erythrulose and intense hydrating properties for a Dramatic, long lasting bronzed hue. Youth Decoder Complex Delivers strong skincare that helps prevent lines and wrinkles for a younger, healthier glow while Delightful Conditioners nourish and protect for Dazzling, radiant color.


- HydraDark™ Bronzer: Blends the same level of DHA and Erythrulose for even, dark delayed color while also helping hydrate the skin for a longer-lasting bronze hue

- Vitamin Drink: Enriched with Vitamin E and ProVitamins B5 and D for beautiful skin

- Youth Decoder Complex: Powerful skincare blend that clarifies, deeply moisturizes and repairs for a revitalized radiance

- Delightful Conditioners: Oils and Shea Butter combine to sooth and rejuvenate for irresistibly, smooth skin

- Sexy Sun fragrance

Getting a gorgeous tan isn't a riddle that needs to be decoded! You can optimize your tanning results and get the most color possible with ease with the help of Australian Gold BRONZE D CODED Bronzer. This formula uses tanning intensifiers to maximize the effects of UV exposure as well as delayed-actions bronzers that darken natural color and extend its life. Unlike other bronzers, this formula uses an exclusive HydraDark Bronzer complex with equal amounts of DHA and erythrulose, eliminating the risk of streaks and brassy, unnatural coloration.

Australian Gold BRONZE D CODED Bronzer will help you solve the riddle of how to keep your skin youthful despite frequent tanning. Its Youth Decoder Complex helps to encourage cellular repair to strengthen areas of lost elasticity and greatly firm the skin. At the same time, the complex provides a burst of radiance-boosting hydration, working with natural oils and shea butters to soften and condition the skin from head to toe. The formula also contains an assortment of skin health vitamins to protect and nourish.