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Crealyze by Species Nutrition is a creatine monohydrate supplement which is in a liquid soluble, stable, and bio-available form. CREALYZE is so unique that it's protected by certified U.S. Patent #5,973,005. CREALYZE contains 3 grams of 100% solubilized creatine monohydrate per serving which means individuals will experience more strength, greater endurance, and superior muscle pumps!

Components of Crealyze:

CREALYZE is protected from the caustic stomach acids by a high-capacity phosphate buffer using the appropriate balance of molecular amounts of monobasic, dibasic, and tribasic phosphate salts. This incorporation of a phospate buffer serves two functions: (1) Stabilization of the preparation (protecting the creatine monohydrate and preventing it from being converted to useless creatinine a waste product) and (2) enhancement of athletic performance due to the powerful effects of' phosphate loading' on exercise output.

All creatine formulas require a 'delivery system' to ensure that the creatine monohydrate makes it into the muscle cells where it can then be utilized. In order to avoid a sugar-driven vehicle, glycerol was chosen because it (1) helps facilitate the quick absorption of creatine into the bloodstream and (2) it spikes insulin which, in turn, drives the creatine monohydrate into the muscle cells. Glycerol has also been quite extensively studied in endurance athletes as a hydration agent. It drives the creatine, phosphates, and water INSIDE your muscles where they can go to work.

In the labs and in the gym, it’s been shown that, inside the muscle cell, creatine combines with phosphates to create 'creatine-phosphate'. It's the creatine-phosphate that helps regenerate ADP back into the high energy compound ATP (the only energy source the cell can use). Added phosphates, then, supply an extremely valuable substrate that helps facilitate the rapid synthesis of intramuscular creatine phosphate.

Pour a full 1oz cap of CREALYZE into 8oz of water stir, and watch the water turn completely clear. Drink.