Eye Candy Dark Bronzer 8.5oz Australian Gold

Australian Gold Eye Candy Dark Bronzer

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Eye Candy Dark Bronzer 8.5oz Australian Gold

15x Eye Catching Bronzers combine a natural bronzer with DHA to give you instant gratification and longer lasting bronzer enjoyment. Caffeine invigorates and firms for improved texture and beautiful, dark results.


- 15X Eye Catching Bronzers: Perfectly measured blend of Caramel and DHA to provide both instant and delayed dark color results.

- Skin Conditioners: Irish Oils and Shea Butter work together for deep moisture and a lustrous, satin look and finish.

- Guilt-Free Skincare: Contains a delicious sprinkle of Strawberry Extract and Brown Sugar for deeply nourished and touchable smooth skin.

- Toning Caffeine Shot: Firms and Energizes the skin for improved texture and appearance.

- Juicy Starburst fragrance

How long do you want to look like sexy golden eye candy? Do you want your color to be gone in a blink or for it to last and last to continue to turn heads for days after tanning? If you want to be a delicious tanned treat for as long as possible, Australian Gold EYE CANDY 15X Bronzer is the product to apply before you hit the tanning bed. This unique formula combines 15 bronzers that help you build a natural tan much more quickly in response to UV. Caramel extract is added to provide instant darkening benefits. Plus, the bronzer contains DHA, so it continues to work after tanning and produces results that last an impressive length of time.

Australian Gold EYE CANDY 15X Bronzer contains strawberry extract and brown sugar to help maintain skin's softness and suppleness. Irish oils and shea butter keep the tissue ideally hydrated, while a shot of caffeine fights lost elasticity for firmer skin from head to toe.