Guggul 60ct Nature's Formulary

Support Healthy Cholesterol

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Guggul by Nature's Formulary is used by individuals who want to maintain a healthy cholesterol levels. Do you suffer from Joint Stiffness? Guggul is also used to relieve the symptoms of stiff joints.

Lifestyle suggestions:

1.Individuals of dominant Kapha Doshas are susceptible to imbalances of their cholesterol levels. This is partially due to their slower metabolism, and a tendency to retention of fluids. A Vata person is naturally mobile and active, their joint conditions are an expected imbalance.

2. Kaphas should start an regimented exercise program and should minimize oily, heavy foods.

3. Vata dominant individuals should seeking less joint stressing activity. Swimming may be an alternative to running, walking may be preferred over high impact aerobics. Adding regular body massage would be very helpful to Vata types.

Ingredients: One vegetarian capsule contains 500 mg Guggul (Commiphora mukul) (Gum resin extract) standardized for 25 mg. Guggulsterones incl. Type E & Z

Other Ingredients: Capsule (plant-derived Cellulose), Cellulose powder (plant-derived), Magnesium stearate, Silica.

Suggested Use: One capsules three times a day, with meals.