Jeweled 8.5oz Australian Gold

Australian Gold Jeweled

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Jeweled 8.5oz Australian Gold

Extreme Hydrating Instant Bronzer will deliver stunning color you will truly treasure. This multi-faceted formula is infused with decadent instant bronzers for natural streak-free golden color, while new HydraMoist™ Complex penetrates deeply for extreme hydration and moisturization leaving skin luxuriously soft.


- Revolutionary Thirty30™ Technology: A unique fusion of intense bronzers and extreme skincare for the absolute best combination of deep, dark healthy color

- HydraMoist™ Complex: Unique ingredient that binds water to skin providing deeper hydration for smooth, soft skin

- GemStone Blend: Aquamarine and Diamond Extracts restore lost luster while providing luxury and skin vitality

- SatinTouch™ Blend: New breakthrough silicone blend provides a luxurious feel and extreme hydration for silky, smooth perfect skin

- Dual TanFresh™ Blend: Eliminates after-tan odor using a combination of powerful odor inhibitors

- Adorn yourself with this Dazzling Glamour fragrance

Your skin is precious and deserves to be pampered. Just as you'd care for the finest jewel, you must take care of your complexion and body skin to keep them in the best possible health as you tan. Australian Gold Jeweled Thirty30 Extreme Hydrating Instant Bronzer is made to help you take care of your most precious feature while you work on your tan. The Revolutionary Thirty30 Technology used in the lotion heightens the effects of ultraviolet exposure to stimulate melanin production as much as possible for vibrantly golden results.

Australian Gold Jeweled Thirty30 Extreme Hydrating Instant Bronzer contains real aquamarine and diamond jewel extracts, which make your skin appear more radiant while treating it to essential minerals. The SatinTouch silicone blend perfects the tissue, making rough spots a thing of the past while reducing moisture lost while you tan. To further combat dryness, the bronzer features the HydraMoist Complex, which joins water from the air to the skin cells to supplement the skin's moisture content.