Own The Moment Intensifier 10oz Designer Skin

Designer Skin Own The Moment Intensifier

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Own The Moment Intensifier 10oz Designer Skin

Dynamic Tanning Blend contains Copper and Peptides which aid in melanin production to leave you with dark, natural looking color.


-- Brown Seaweed helps develop a golden bronze for deeper color results

-- Shea Butter and Aloe work to help restore moisture to skin to keep color from fading

-- Big Apple fragrance

Do you want to be the star of the show or a supporting actress? Do you want the spotlight to move over you or do you want to truly own it? If you want your tan to really wow and have you standing out in the crowd, you need to seize every moment in the tanning bed, and you can do so with the help of Designer Skin OWN THE MOMENT INTENSIFIER. This bronzing formula is a natural melanin builder that increases skin pigmentation during every tanning session using a blend of natural copper and proprietary peptides. The dark tanning formula is perfect for those who want to take their base tans to the next level.

With Designer Skin OWN THE MOMENT INTENSIFIER, you can get more out of every moment in the tanning bed by not just darkening your skin but also improving its health. The formula contains mineral-rich seaweed, shea butter and aloe, which work together to nourish, moisturize and calm the tissue from head to toe.