Pilot Chews Flight Box 20sv

Pilot Chews Flight Box

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Pilot Chews Flight Box delivers 4 tubes with 5 tasty energizing servings in each - good for 20 flights! Take 2 chews to last you all the flight long! Boost your energy, stay focused, be more alert, and be all around safer.

Pilot Chews tastes AMAZING! Every tube is loaded with 4 addictively delicious, sweet-tooth-satisfying, zero sugar, guilt-free, mind-blowing flavors! Flavors include fruit punch, lime, watermelon, and orange papaya!

Pilot Chews contains only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients in its proprietary formula. This unique formula is comprised of the following active ingredients:

Huperzine A – a natural compound extracted from the Chinese Club Moss, which studies show strengthens one's ability to learn and enhances both short and long term memory.

Ginkgo Biloba – a natural herb, which studies show improves blood flow, allows the brain to work with less oxygen, may enhance one's attention and may improve memory and cognition.

Vitamin A – a vitamin that is absolutely necessary for vision and maximizes night vision.

Vitamin E – a necessary vitamin that helps transport oxygen to blood cells.

Choline - an essential nutrient, a critical component of memory, reflex and mood enhancement.

Ginger Root – a natural herb, studies show may prevent motion sickness and may prevent nausea and headaches.

Caffeine – an alkaloid crystalline found in certain plants, each dose of Pilot Chews has the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee which wards off drowsiness, restores alertness, and gives energy.