Sexy Natural Bronzer by Swedish Beauty 10oz

Swedish Beauty Sexy Natural Bronzer

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Sexy Natural Bronzer by Swedish Beauty

This 3-part system is guaranteed to ensure a dark shade that’s unique to your bright and Girlfriend Sexy complexion and uses a signature bronze that is sealed with hydration.


- Signed, Sealed, Delivered 3-Part System

- Signature Bronze- Develop color that’s as individual as you are with this combination of signature bronzers

- Sealed with Hydration- This gentle blend of healing and moisturizing ingredients seal water into the skin, conditioning it for a soft finish

- ATO Inhibitor (After Tan Odor)

- Skincare, Delivered- Curve Appeal™ and Sweet Treats™ technologies help fight free radicals while working to tone and tighten for sexy skin that’s all yours!

- Fragrance: Tropical Berry Bliss- Sugar Dusted Orange, Paradise Mango, Candied Papaya, Blond Wood, Ambered Patchouli , Tonka Bean, Crushed Vanilla

How do you get a gorgeous tan and keep your skin in the best of health at the same time? Swedish Beauty Girlfriend Sexy Natural Bronzer is designed to help you stay as sexy as can be no matter how frequently you tan with its three-part system. Made from natural ingredients, the bronzer produces dark results while being gentle and nourishing to the skin. The bronzing complex naturally enhances the effects of UV, stimulating more pigment production during every session.

To help the dramatic results possible from Swedish Beauty Girlfriend Sexy Natural Bronzer last for as long as possible, the formula uses a moisture seal technology. A blend of hydrating ingredients locks a dose of moisture into the lower levels of skin tissue, preventing dehydration and premature fading. Thanks to the blend of anti-aging ingredients in the bronzer, the formula is capable of reducing the damaging effects of tanning, so that your skin is less likely to become marked by lines and wrinkles related to tanning.