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With a mixture of active, healthy, and scientifically researched ingredients. Trimadrene was created to help ambitious people achieve their daily health and fitness goals. It does not hide behind dark bottles and colored capsules. The 1,060mg eight key ingredient blend will gradually increase energy, speed up the metabolism, enhance mood, and focus all while still aimed at fat loss.

Trimadrene was developed with the main focus to keep the blend simple yet effective. This elite fat burner is not packed with endless ingredients at a low potent rate. Are you ready to shred your body?

How Trimadrene Will Benefit You  
  • Increases your body's metabolism rate and helps burn calories faster
  • Burns body fat to produce energy
  • Enhances your mood
  • Increases the body's energy levels encouraging you to work out more and aid in weight loss
  • Improves focus


● Fat Loss: Fat loss is a biochemical process of breaking down large fat molecules into smaller triglycerides, and these triglycerides must be used up or excreted.

The ingredients present in Trimadrene that help achieve this are Halostachine (50mg), Citrus Aurantium(10mg), Raspberry Ketones (10mg), African mango extract (150mg), green tea (300mg), and Matcha tea (200mg). These ingredients help burn fat by boosting metabolism and burning fat as fuel through thermogenesis.

● Increased Energy: If you’re trying to lose weight, you should pay attention to your metabolic rate. When your metabolic rate is low, you will not be able to lose fat no matter how healthy you eat.

Matcha tea, green tea, caffeine anhydrous, cayenne powder, raspberry ketones, and Halostachine are all ingredients found in Trimadrene that can help boost and speed up slacking metabolism and also trigger the release of glucose from the energy stores.

● Mood: The unique ingredients in Trimadrene not only help suppress appetite, but it can also boost your mood. Halostachine is a central nervous stimulant present in Trimadrene that initiates the release of feel-good chemicals. These hormones are mood lifters and bring a sense of well-being.

● Focus: To achieve long term weight control, you need to focus on building healthy habits that you genuinely enjoy. Good health starts in your brain, and not on your plate.

Green tea, matcha tea, caffeine anhydrous, and Halostachine are ingredients present in Trimadrene that helps heighten focus, attention, and task-completion levels, and this results in optimal on-the-move motivation.

● Suppresses Appetite: Trimadrene contains 300mg of green tea ingredients and 50mg of Cayenne powder. Both ingredients are natural herbs that help people lose weight by suppressing appetite.

They help slow down the way the stomach empties itself by delaying carbohydrates and fast absorption. One of the ways green tea helps to suppress appetite is by producing CCK. CCK is a hormone that is released in the intestine after eating, and it alerts the brain when the body has had enough to eat.

When CCK is secreted, the appetite reduces immediately. Cayenne powder, on the other hand, is more than just a spice, it helps you lose weight by giving a feeling of fullness and curbing cravings.

So, if trying to eat healthy foods has left you hungry and cranky, then you should give Trimadrene a try. Whether you’re a busy person trying out a new fitness plan or an athlete trying to remain fit, we know losing weight can be so challenging, and we are here to partner with you in achieving your desired weight.

So, set a goal, be energized, surpass a personal best, recover, and repeat. Trimadrene has your back every step of the way!


8 Key Ingredients
Green tea leaf extract 98% - 300mg

Green tea leaf extract Is loaded with antioxidants called Catechins. One of these catechins, the EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), helps break down fat to produce energy. It especially breaks the harmful visceral fat (abdominal fat), which is associated with type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Several studies suggest that taking green tea extract or EGCG supplements can make you burn more calories and increase fat burning during both exercises and when you are resting. It has been known to boost metabolism and suppress appetite. It is high in antioxidants, good for the brain, and can aid in weight loss.

Caffeine Anhydrous - 200mg

A very common ingredient found in weight loss supplements. This is a dehydrated form of caffeine which makes it more effective. Many enjoy the benefits that caffeine provides such as an increase in energy, alertness, burning fat to produce energy, preventing weight regain after weight loss, and decreasing the perceived difficulty of work out. This means that you perceive the workout to be less severe and enjoy it, thereby pushing yourself to exercise more than you would do otherwise.

Matcha Tea - 200mg

Matcha tea is derived from the same plant as green tea but is 10x more potent in aiding in weight loss. While green tea only uses the dried leaves which you discard once the tea has brewed, Matcha is those leaves in powdered form, consumed entirely without any wastage. That is why the beneficial antioxidant EGCG is 137 times more in Matcha than green tea. Matcha tea burns fat because it is rich in catechins that increase the body’s thermogenesis from 8-10% to 35-43%. It also boosts the metabolism energy levels, increases alertness, and makes you more proactive.

African Mango Extract - 150mg

Made from extracts of the seeds of the fleshy West African fruit Irvingia gabonensis (also known as African mango), has become well-liked and used for its ability to help reduce body fat, weight, and even cholesterol and leptin levels. Research showed that taking 150mg of this African mango seed extract twice a day showed considerable improvements in body weight, body fat, and a loss in waist size!

Raspberry Ketones - 100mg

Raspberry ketones have become widely used in weight loss supplements after they claimed to cause the fat within cells to be broken down more effectively, helping your body burn fat faster. It is believed raspberry ketones may also increase levels of adiponectin, a hormone that helps to regulate metabolism.

Cayanne Powder - 50mg

Cayenne pepper is a natural herb that may help you lose weight by curbing your appetite, speeding up your metabolism, and help you burn calories. Cayenne pepper contains a phytochemical, capsaicin, which is responsible for its spiciness and aids weight loss. It works by binding to the neuroreceptors, which induces calcium influx. Overall it speeds up the metabolic rate.

Halostachine - 50mg

Halostachine or N-methylphenylethanolamine is an alkaloid that acts as a beta-adrenergic receptor similar to that of ephedrine, but with a tone down in potency. Halostachine users may find a sharp increase in energy and motivation while not having to endure any jitters and anxiety common with many stimulants. It is also a metabolite of phenylethylamine (PEA) a compound found in cocoa beans known for its “feel-good effects”.

Halostachine is rapidly absorbed and undergoes fast metabolism. It is metabolized by monoamine oxidase and has a half-life of 5 to 10 minutes, so the effects of Halostachine are felt soon after taking it. This makes it an excellent fat burner and can be used as a pre-workout supplement also.

Citrus Aurantium 30% - 10mg

Better known as bitter orange, this is an herb made from the bitter orange tree. Bitter orange fruit and peel are often used in weight-loss supplements and supplements sold for a variety of health concerns. Bitter orange contains synephrine, a molecule similar to ephedrine just less potent. Combined with caffeine, raspberry ketones, and cayenne pepper, it may aid in fat burning and weight loss.