Whey Protein 44 by Human Evolution Supplements 2lb

Human Evolution Supplements Whey Protein 44

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Whey Protein 44 by Human Evolution Supplements

Human Whey 44 is For people experiencing significant growth -- children, adolescents, pregnant women -- protein is important. Your Body isn’t just maintaining, you are producing.

Similarly, athletes use a lot of protein as well -- the process of building muscle is one of constantly tearing and repairing skeletal muscle cells. In fact, you can't build muscle without what's called a "positive protein balance." That means your protein synthesis your production of protein must be greater than the destruction of muscle the exercise causes. To boost protein synthesis, some physicians recommend consuming protein after a workout.

Human Whey 44 is low in fat and also has a very high biological value, designed for fat a Fast Absorption for maximum recovery and muscle tone.

Human Whey 44 is a truly amazing supplement, because not only has it been proven to help you build muscle, improve physical performance, sharpen your mind, enhance circulatory system function, but it also has potent anti-aging effects.In its composition, Human Whey 44 protein contains BCAA (branched chain amino acid) in high amount.

These BCAAs have advantages over the other amino acid when it comes to increasing muscle size, as they are taken up directly by skeletal muscle when exercise is being performed. When it comes to other amino acids, metabolism by the liver precede this event. This makes BCAAs become effective source of amino acid for muscle building block; benefitting those who does strength training in order to increase the muscle size.

Some other benefits that can be obtained by the athletes from consuming whey protein which rich in BCAAs are enhanced recovery post-exercise period and delays fatigue. BCAAs can decrease muscle protein degradation during exercise, and as a result the fatigue will be delayed. The recovery post-exercise property that BCAA has is due to its ability to stimulate the body to synthesis amino acid alanine, which later can be converted to glucose in the liver. The glucose produce, in turn, will be converted to energy.

Also Human Whey 44 IS high BCAAs formula sustains production of glutathione which is extremely important for maintaining intracellular health."

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