Enough is Enough



Enough is Enough

Why we are done with Credit Cards – And why you should be too!  

When it comes to effective Ephedra/Ephedrine, CBD Oil, DMAA and other performance products, i-Supplements.com has been THE place to shop for over 15 years. We carry what big distributors and companies will not. The good stuff. Safe. Legal. Most of all, Effective.



Everything we sell is legal and produced by quality brands and companies in FDA inspected facilities. The issue is not the government or the FDA. Believe it or not, it is the credit cards who want to control what you are allowed to buy.  


There is No Legal Credit Card Processing for Ephedra and other perfectly legal supplements in the United States

Many sites have decided to move processing off shore and pay higher fees. We could do this as well. However, it is extremely unsecure and puts you, our loyal family, at risk of card and identity theft.   


I-Supplements defends the products you deserve access to and your right to buy them.   

Now. Protect Us. We ask that our loyal customers stay with us. Buy from ONLY us! Our preferred methods: Check Image and PayPal are fast, secure and your order can ship same day. Do not hesitate to contact customer service with any questions or concerns. More To Come.

Jim F Riggs – Owner/President --- info@i-supplements --- 1(800) 244-4116