We’re sorry, but the only answer to this question is a roundabout one. Without full regulation from the FDA and publicly funded trials, we don’t have exact dosage recommendations. But instead of saying “there are too many variables to account for,” we’re going to do our best to present a sufficient answer to the question, “How much CBD should I take?”


Factors of Consumption

While we at Hemp Bombs should restate that we don’t have access to clinical human trials to exact a recommended dosage, it stands to reason that there will be natural factors of consumption like with other vitamins, supplements, or medications.

This dosage chart gives you our suggestions for your serving size based on weight and severity of symptoms.



Yes, your grandma might need a different serving size of CBD. Age is a well-known factor of metabolism for many products, due to variations in enzyme content and activity. We suspect it’s the same for CBD products.



Another factor of dosing size is person’s diet, which again impacts enzyme activity and content. Diet has a direct influence on how much CBD your body will actually absorb into your system.



Women and Men metabolize certain drugs like Aspirin differently, and the same may be said of CBD.


Ethnic Background

Individuals from different ethnic backgrounds may differ in enzyme content, which is critical to metabolic processes. This why products may work in some global markets but not others.



As the chart illustrates, the severity of the condition also plays a role in recommended dosage. An individual with severe, chronic pain may require a higher dosage than an individual who is looking for more restful sleep. Be sure to talk to your doctor to determine the right amount of CBD you should be taking.


Body Weight

A person’s physical size and body weight must be factored into dosing consideration. Although our chart gives you a recommended dose based on your size, you can decide if you need to take more or less without the worry of harsh side effects.



The truth is, while there may be general factors that affect recommended dosing size, it’s hard to know how you body is going to react - which brings up, microdosing. In both the MMJ and CBD communities, microdosing is becoming the default dosing prescription.


What is it?

Microdosing is taking a smaller dose of a substance in lower than perceptual levels. In other words, you don’t microdose to get a certain “feeling,” but to receive therapeutic benefits. It’s also a useful way to avoid some of the potential negative side effects of ingestion.


Why Microdose?

As we said earlier, we want to provide you with a more worthwhile answer to your dosage questions than, “it depends.” In order to establish the proper CBD serving size for you, starting off at micro levels and gradually increasing your intake is the best option. There are so many metabolic differences between users that the only person who can determine the right dose is yourself. You’re also not going to experience any disorienting side effects in micro doses.


How Do You Microdose?

To microdose, we recommend taking a dose that’s one-tenth to one-fifth of the normal serving size. In Hemp Bombs terms, that could be anywhere from 1-12mg. Try to keep consumption as consistent as possible - same dosage, same time - everyday. While you will be able to monitor your own biological responses, by a month, you should have begun to notice the effects.

If you don’t notice any benefit, you should increase your dosage and continue the process.


How Much CBD Should I Take?

We have given a straightforward take to the roundabout answer, “it depends.” Due to a number of factors, absorption and breakdown of Cannabidiol products, the effects of CBD from the same serving size may vary from person to person. Variable factors may include age, gender, and diet among others. In our opinion, the best way to identify the right dosage is to begin by microdosing and continue doing trial and error to find the right amount of CBD for you. Start with small amounts and then introduce more CBD until your body has found its sweet spot.

Don't worry about taking too much CBD while trying to find your proper dosage. There's no chance of overdose, fatal effects or psychoactive effects associated with CBD. If you by chance do experience side effects, they are generally mild and do not last long. Read our full list of CBD side effects here.

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