Before You Buy CBD Oil ChecklistThe CBD industry is growing, and so is the number of fraudulent CBD companies. Purchasing high-quality CBD products not only gives you amazing potential benefits but also keeps you safe from harmful toxins and unnecessary additives. Before you buy CBD Oil from a new site, always be sure to check for a few essentials.

Checklist For Buying CBD Oil

CBD, also known as Hemp Extract, is currently unregulated by the FDA, so it’s crucial to be conscious when purchasing from different sites. Any reputable company will provide transparency about their sourcing, extracting and product information. Here’s a checklist of what to look for before you buy CBD Oil.


Quality Hemp starts with its roots. Hemp plants naturally absorb any chemicals or metals that are present in the soil around them, and those toxins can make their way into your products. When generating food, clothing or medications from Hemp, it is essential that the crops were grown in organic, non-GMO soil. At Hemp Bombs, we partner with American farmers who use environmentally friendly growing methods free of harsh chemicals and pesticides to keep our Industrial Hemp clean and pure.


Some companies will cut corners and use cheaper methods to extract their CBD. There are a few ways to separate CBD from the Hemp plant: chemical solvents, vegetable oils and CO2 extraction.


Chemical solvents like ethanol, butane and alcohol extract full-spectrum CBD from the plant. However, this method also contains chemicals that could cause unwanted side effects and lung irritation.

Vegetable Oils

Olive oil is a safer and easier method for home extraction. However, the resulting CBD Oil doesn’t last very long and needs to be used quickly. While this method makes it easy to extract your own batch of CBD, large companies rarely use this method.

CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is the most popular amongst reputable companies because it is the cleanest and most effective route for long-lasting CBD. It involves passing highly pressurized carbon dioxide through the Hemp plant to isolate the different cannabinoids. There is no damage or breakdown of the CBD, making it safe for consumption.

Product Label

When you buy CBD Oil, you want to know what’s exactly in your product and the label should clearly tell you. Look for an ingredients list and the exact concentration of CBD (not just a percentage) to make sure you’re getting what you want and need for your health.

Lab Tests

You can’t always trust a label, so a reputable company will provide you with certified third-party lab results to reinforce the purity of their products. Independent lab testing allows you to feel confident knowing that you have a clean, high-quality product without falsified reports from the CBD company.

Fake Hemp Oil can be dangerous to your health and cause harmful side effects. Always be sure to do your research and buy CBD Oil from a company you trust. Customer reviews and testimonials give you good insight about the quality of a product and help you make an informed decision on what companies and products deserve your business. We strive to not only create premium Hemp products that bring you relief and wellness but to also educate you on CBD and its growing industry.

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