Best Machine Movements

Best Machine Movements

Effective machines are top-rated when it comes to sculpting a better body

Chest - Incline Chest Press

Sit erect against the pad with your feet wide on the floor for balance, and grasp the handles from a position just outside your chest. In a smooth motion, press your arms to full extension, just short of locking your arms, by contracting your pecs. Lower the weight as your chest muscles stretch and your shoulder blades retract in the bottom position.

Second best machine: Seated Chest Press

Shoulders - Shoulder Press Machine

Place your body firmly against the seat with your lower back slightly arched, feet placed wide for balance. Grasp the handles a few inches outside your shoulders. Press directly overhead to just short of locking your arms, and then lower the weight with control.

Second best machine: Seated Lateral Raise Machine

Back - Assisted Pull up Machine

Set the pin in the stack to an appropriate weight, then grasp the horizontal bar or handles above you with a wide overhand grip. Contract your lats to raise your chin above the height of the handles. Hold momentarily in the peak contracted position before lowering back to the start.

Second best machine: Seated Row Machine

Quads – Horizontal Leg Sled

Position your torso squarely under the shoulder pads, with your glutes and entire back pressed against the pad. Place your feet about shoulder width apart on the platform, grasp the handles and press through your feet to fully extend your legs without locking your knees, and then lower into a squat position until your thighs are about parallel to the foot platform.

Second best machine: Leg Extension

Triceps – Seated Dip Machine

Sit upright with your back against the pad and tighten the belt over your lap. With a palm in grip on the handles and your wrists straight, press the handles to full arm extension. Momentarily hold the peak contraction and slowly return to the start without letting the weight touch down between reps.

Second best machine: Assisted Dip Machine

Biceps - Preacher Curl Machine

Grasp the bar at the bends so your wrists are in a comfortable position about shoulder width apart. Keep the backs of your upper arms against the pad at all times. Curl the bar up just past the point at which your arms are about perpendicular to the bench, squeezing your biceps hard and then lowering under control, stopping just short of full arm extension.

Second best machine: Seated Alternate Curl Machine

Abs – Crunch Machine

Grasp the handles and sit snugly in the machine with your feet anchored under the footpad. Keeping your chin off your chest to reduce neck strain, contract your abs to curl your torso forward as far as possible, holding the contracted position briefly before slowly releasing.

Second best machine: Lower Ab Machine

Glutes – Butt Blaster

Adjust the pad that supports your midsection so your back remains flat throughout the move. Position your body squarely on the machine, grasping the handles and keeping your head looking forward and slightly down. Position one foot on the footplate so it’s lined up with your working leg. Maintaining your position, extend one leg directly back and up as high as your can, and then lower under control.

Second best machine: Hip Extension Machine

Hamstrings – Seated Leg Curl

Sit squarely and securely against the back pad with your knees off the end of the bench, the thigh pad snug across your quads and your Achilles resting on the lower pad. Legs straight. Contract your hamstrings to bring your feet down as far as you can, squeezing the muscles hard, then slowly release.

Second best machine: Lying Leg Curl

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