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Women have been swooning over Brad Pitt since he first burst onto the film screen. But more recently, after his appearance in the movie “Fight Club” back in 1999, women started to obsess more over his immaculate body and men worldwide wished they had his solid rock hard physique as well. When thinking of Brad Pitt, I would assume many people would consider him the embodiment of what they wish their bodies would look like. Just an assumption, but wouldn’t you want a body like that, a body that your girl has been in love with since Thelma and Louise hit screens? Because of the absolute phenomenon surrounding his body, most men have asked themselves at one point in their lives the question, “What do I have to do to get a body like Brad Pitt in Fight Club?”

In our typical world, many women prefer the average sized guy that is awesomely toned and ripped rather than a beefy, muscle bound meathead. For those of you guys who yearn to have the body of Brad Pitt then we have a few simple rules for you to follow to get that rock hard Fight Club body that women worldwide will melt for!

Brad Pitt PhysiqueRule 1 – Resistance Training is the Key to Gaining Muscle Mass, but don’t forget Cardio!

Brad’s body in Fight Club is not just incredibly ripped, but highly muscular in development because he made strength training a main part of his workout routine alongside cardiovascular training. If you want the same solid body then you too need to make serious weight training a foremost part of your exercise routine. The advice we give to regular “Joe’s” is to stick to free weights and implement workouts like squats, curls, chest press, bent over rows and dips to increase muscle growth and target multiple groupings of muscle at the same time, to get you firmer faster. Forget simple crunches to get those defined abs Brad has, you’ll need weighted cable exercises like woodchoppers and cable crunches to help chisel defined abs and see massive gains in your core. Following your workouts jump on a cardio machine for at least 40-60 minutes at a high intensity level and you will help your body tone more easily.

Rule 2 - Follow a Strict Fat Burning Diet

Decreasing your body fat is key and a very important part of getting and maintaining a ripped rock hard body like Brad Pitt’s from Fight Club. We all share the same muscular developing structure but it is the excess fat that often hides our muscular definition. Cut out pointless saturated fats and center your diet on lean meat cuts, fruits, veggies, and oatmeal as well as other complex carbs because these food groups will help get your body to that ripped muscular frame you want. (If you’re a “smaller” guy we recommend gaining muscle mass first then decreasing your body fat afterwards. Muscle helps your body metabolize fat quicker, so add mass first, drop body fat second.)

Rule 3 – Cut Down or Cut Out Alcohol

Brad’s character, Tyler Durden lives a careless, carefree life smoking, drinking, sleeping with Helena Bonham Carter, losing sleep and so on. Normal people, can’t have a body like his with this same type of attitude, unless you have mutant freak like genetics, but you can have a carefree approach to health to maintain your rock hard body at the same time. Cutting back, or completely eliminating alcohol is one of the best steps you can take to help keep your body ripped. Alcohol is a useless empty calorie that contains little to no nutritious worth. Your body considers alcohol a toxin and instantaneously sends it to you liver to be processed and flushed out of your body. While processing alcohol, your liver is unable to process fats, which often causes a back up of sorts that packs on fat around the waist region of your body. Cutting back, limiting your intake, or not drinking alcohol at all will allow your liver more time to break down fats and get rid of them properly decreasing the amount of fat distributed throughout your body helping you reach your rock hard body goals.

Brad Pitt’s body in Fight Club was beyond outstanding. For those of you who would like to achieve a similar build, you are capable of doing so. It isn’t easy by any means, but with hard work, a good attitude, healthy dieting practices and routine workouts you can easily be capable of having that ripped Fight Club body in no time and have the ladies lining up just to stare at you! Just remember when it comes to women, they are impressed by the lean Fight Club body that Brad Pitt sported perfectly, so get on it, and show Tyler Durden who’s boss!

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