Celebrity Workout Routines

In American mainstream culture, we idolize them. They are the epitome of everything many of us wish we could be, look like, sound like, act like, so on and so on; they are celebrities. One of the things we idolize the most is their often-flawless physique. They walk the red carpet almost daily in perfect shape, and we all wish we could look just like them. Celebrities all make millions, whether it be by singing, acting, writing or playing a sport, they all earn plenty of money to employ personal trainers, nutritionists and dieticians to help them achieve and maintain their money making bodies. Celebrity workout routines often come across as intense and mighty expensive, but in some cases they are not. Take for instance how not all celebrities hire the best that money can pay for, some simply work out and eat healthy from home, and so can you!

Look Like a CelebrityIt isn’t hard to recreate a celebrity workout routine. Whether they decide to train at home, or hit the local health club and gym, it isn’t hard for an average Joe to follow their lead. You can recreate and do the same celebrity workouts as your favorite stars without spending a small fortune! Many Hollywood stars and starlets workout in gyms doing basic cardio fitness routines that helps sculpt muscles and turn to weights and strength training to help tone and tighten their infamous bodies. Follow their steps and recreate your own workout routine to stay in shape. Celebrities often have the tendency of “switching up” their workout routines. Switching from cardio workouts, tai chi, strength training, pilates, aerobics, yoga, kickboxing, etc. If you decide to join a gym, typically they can accommodate you transitioning as well and switching up your workouts too.

For those celebrities who prefer to keep their routines in home, there are ways for you to do the same as well. Many celebrities base their routines on what books and videos have to offer as well. Take Billy Blanks for instance, he became a nationwide phenomenon and had a huge celebrity following. Celebrity workouts can be found in books, on videos and DVD’s and on television constantly. Find the one you believe you could benefit the most from and see if you can rent it or borrow it first. Test it out and go from there. Do not expect it to come easy though, remember that all celebrities started from the ground up as well and had to work equally as hard to achieve and maintain their fabulous bodies.

We as consumers continuously crave the idea of looking, feeling and acting like our favorite celebrities. In many cases it is what solely motivates us to getting in shape and living a happy, healthy lifestyle. Start out slow when it comes to recreating your celebrity workout, always remember how vital a role that proper nutrition, healthy eating, dieting and avoiding poor lifestyle choices like smoking and alcohol consumption affect your future health and fitness. Get moving now, and turn that idolized celebrity body in your sight into what you will be looking at in the mirror!

JulieJulie Riggs MED RD LD
Registered and Licensed Dietician


Julie Riggs has been teaching fitness and nutrition skills to every population, from NFL players to the elderly, pre and post-natal moms to professional bodybuilders for her entire career. As a writer and consultant for www.i-supplements.com and as a registered dietician, personal trainer, and mom of three Julie brings real life perspective to the every day person's fitness and nutritional concerns.

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