Keep working out!!!

Amid layoffs, concerns about staying buff could seem trivial. Yet, business people themselves wonder how a perilous financial climate will affect their physical fitness — and if exercise could help them weather hard times.

Some struggle to squeeze in any workouts at all. But others find themselves doubling down on conditioning for relief. “Professionals are doing their best not to panic, but I know a lot of professionals who are panicking” about the markets, “The only way to get away from it, is to have some kind of outlet.”

Because people don’t necessarily have as much time as they used to, and they don’t want to spend as much money trainers are now offering 30-minute, “high-core, high-intensity” sessions and shared workouts,

“People come and they want someone to talk to — it’s like Cheers. This is what can keep your members happy give them a place to get away from the daily grind. People need to start looking at fitness facilities in a different way more like a hospital where people go to get well but also different from a hospital because you have more fun at the gym.

It’s in people’s best interest to stay in shape because with the market today not a lot of people can afford a new wardrobe.”

Fitness matters more than ever if you’re laid off, career counselors advise, not just for health, but also to network and stay positive. “The last thing you want is to gain 20 pounds during a job search.

Exercise can also spur creativity. “You know how we always have those ‘aha’ moments in the shower?” In the same way, “a good brisk walk can be very helpful.”

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