How to Increase Power in Punching

Martial arts involve a variety of movements that use different body parts as weapons. Bruce Lee was famous worldwide for his physical training and unique punching techniques. In 1968 Bruce’s education in martial arts continued when he started his journey into western boxing where he knocked out 3 straight boxers in the first round. Lee was one of the first martial artists to cross train not only in martial arts, but also in bodybuilding and other strength disciplines. Bruce believed that implementing conditioning exercises for endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility would increase the power in his strikes. The combination of Asian Fighting Arts and Boxing is also known to offer many other benefits:

·Aerobic fitness
·Muscular Definition
·Stress Relief
·Mental Focus

Making a proper fist is key when you are first learning how to punch. Start by curling your fingers and tucking your fingertips against the middle of your palm. Resting your thumb over your fingers and keeping your wrists straight is a very important detail in power punching. When throwing a punch keep your hand in a relaxed position until the point of contact. After your hand connects with the target go back to the same relaxed position. Not only will you hit harder and faster by keeping your hand relaxed, you will also conserve more energy in case you need to throw multiple punches.

A great way to increase punching power is by using equipment like the punching bag and mitts. The heavy bag is the number one tool for adding power in your punch. When training for power, make sure that you protect your hands with proper gloves. Punching mitts are a high-speed way to learn how to punch harder and faster. Unlike the punching bag, mitts must be used with a training partner or coach. Your ability to punch harder will skyrocket with use of these combative tools. Using other drills and techniques can also improve the power in your punches. These include:

·Jump rope
·Shoulder presses

Improving power punching techniques takes time and continous repetition. Punching fundamentals should never be compromised. Power comes with speed and proper punching technique. If power is your goal, do not forget that developing proper form will help you reach your power destination. When training for punching power and using tools properly, you will develop muscle memory and build confidence so that when you need the power it will be there.

Josh Rafferty

Josh Rafferty

Josh was one of 16 fighters from across the United States to compete on The Ultimate Fighter Season 1, which airs on Spike TV still today. As a Mixed Martial Arts Veteran, Josh has had over 25 fights since 1998 and continues his career into 2009. Josh is also a coach and mentor to many amateur and professional fighters in his hometown of Cincinnati, OH.

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