Stay healthy while traveling

Maintain your health while traveling

We all know what comes with this hectic time of year…unbelievable amounts of traveling! Soon the airports will be a buzz and planes will be taking off and landing practically every second it seems like! If you are one of these many holiday travelers, then I’m sure sticking to your diet is your last priority! Well don’t let it be anymore, and don’t think that it will be hard to stick with it! With a little brainstorming and simple planning, it will be easily possible to keep up with your healthy habits! Here are some basic ways to ensure that you keep up with your healthy lifestyle!

1. Bring a water bottle, one you can refill. (Check out the Hydracoach!)
You can bring your water bottle with you to the airport empty, and fill it after you pass through the security checkpoint. (Make sure you refill often.) One thing that you for sure can do while traveling is guzzle the water down when you get bored or hungry! Ladies, make sure to get at least a gallon per day down, gentlemen aim for at least a gallon and a half. Keep up the water intake. This will help reduce water retention, curb hunger pains, and just plain keep those cells in your body happy!

Note: If traveling abroad, nix this idea and stick to the bottled water.

2. Book an aisle seat.
Having an aisle seat will allow you to easily get up and move around, stretch, and make many trips to the bathroom without feeling like you are bothering the person next to you. Lots of water equals lots of trips to the bathroom.

3. Bring healthy travel snacks.
Make a simple sandwich or a yummy wrap made with high fiber, whole grain bread/wrap, nitrate free lunchmeat, low-fat mayo, mustard, lettuce, and tomato. If a sandwich doesn’t sound good then try some fat-free no-sugar added yogurt with mixed berries. Or try bagging up some veggies like cucumbers, green and red peppers, carrots, or celery. Also consider Kay's Naturals for healthy snacks.

4. Use the in-room coffee pot to make your own oatmeal.
Turn on the burner and add oats and water to the pot first thing when you wake up. By the time you are finished getting ready, your oats will be done.

Note: Make sure to wash the pot thoroughly first before use. Who knows when the last time was that sucker was washed!

5. Check out a local market.
They typically have a fantastic salad bar, great for lunch, or even to pick up a few things and keep them in your in-room fridge if you can. Most hotels will empty your mini-bar fridge or will provide a second fridge upon request. No fridge? Pack your own soft cooler and fill with ice from the ice machine and then add in your goodies!

6. Get in an early morning workout.
Plan for it. Set the alarm. Go to bed an hour earlier. Even if you can’t go to sleep earlier, get up and get that workout in. You will feel much better in the long run if you do. It will help you burn those extra calories all throughout the day.

7. Make an effort to be active.
In addition to the workout, keep your activity up all day long. If you are eating more, move more throughout the day. Depending on your location, try some of the following:

Traveling for fun

·Take a walking or bike tour of the city
·Take a hike
. Cold climate? Go skiing, sledding, ice skating
·Exotic climate? Take an after dinner stroll on the beach, or go for a swim.
·Do some shopping
·Rather than play cards, play charades

Traveling for work

·Do 4 sets of 25 jumping jacks in your room before dinner
·Take the stairs over the elevator
·Stand rather than sit
·Do some calming stretches before bed
·Walk to dinner rather than take a cab

8. Choose one splurge meal per day.
If you are going to overindulge for dinner, make sure that breakfast and lunch are filled with lower calorie foods. Focus on lean protein, and high fiber carbohydrates like fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Although we all have learned that 5-6 small meals spaced evenly throughout the day is best, in this type of situation, it is better to plan for a larger meal rather than eating your normal meals around it.

9. Don't skip breakfast.
Start your day off right. Even if you know you will be having a big meal later in the day, it is important to get something nutritious into your stomach after a wonderful full nights rest.

10. Low calorie foods are your friend.
In general, remember to fill up on a broth based soup or salad rather than bread and/or eating way too much of your main course.

11. Avoid fried foods.
Yea…need we explain? Stick to baked, broiled, roasted, and grilled foods instead.

12. Plan your meal destinations ahead of time.
Make sure to take a look at the menu in advance (if you’re able to), so that you can ensure you have healthy options. Believe me, it really sucks when you end up at a restaurant, open the menu, and realize that 1- there is nothing healthy about this place, and 2- nothing about this menu is worth splurging on.

13. Try the one bite method.
Sometimes all it takes is one bite.

14. Plan your splurges carefully and stay away from the high calorie, no value added foods.
If you take a bite of something you don’t like, don’t eat it! How many times have you ordered something you didn’t like but you ate it anyway because you didn’t want to waste it or the money you spent on it. Then later on you are pissed because you spent valuable calories on something that didn’t even rock your world. If the bread is bland and tasteless, don’t eat it just because its there. Skip the empty calorie rich soda and stick to water, tea, and other calorie free beverages.

15. When you do eat something that you do like, savor it.
Enjoy the flavors, the textures, and enjoy it for what its worth. These are the moments when it’s ok to splurge just a little. Slow down and really taste the food and savor it.

16. If you are going to splurge on alcohol or dessert, make it one or the other, not both.
Both are typically pretty high in empty calories (i.e. sugar) so choose whichever one sounds better and skip the other, saving it for another night.

17. Remember to keep your fiber intake up.
Sometimes when traveling, due to a lack of fiber, or even just a change of routine, things can get a bit backed up. If this happens to you, bring along some tea, which helps to move things along for you.

18. Above all else, moderation is the key.
It is important to enjoy life, and not feel deprived. Just don’t overdo it. Listen to your body. Make sacrifices where you can so that you can enjoy when the opportunity arises.

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