Strength Training Workout

Strength training has long been the key to many atheletes and their success. First I want to assure you that nothing burns more fat than strength training and when it is combined with proper diet and supplements nothing can help you lean quicker while increasing your endurance.

Weight training starts when you decide to get serious about your diet and fueling your body properly. I reccomend that every human on earth take a multi vitamin. I suggest Schwartz Labs Vita-plex because that is what I take. I would also take BCAA's on workout days and Glutamine immediately after workouts. Supplements play a huge role in allowing you to get pumped, stay pumped, and get you ripped. Protein from either Schwartz Labs Pro-Whey or Schwartz Labs MRX 1 will help your muscles get the protein that they need to growand help prevent catabolic breakdown. I will get into each seperate phase of what you need to to increase your overall muscle strength.

The best way to start a work out is with the largest muscle groups first. Then I move on to secondary muscles after they have pre-exhausted from major muscle workout. The best split is for three days a week. You will need to figure out the best workout breakdown for you.

Three day split I would start:


Two day split:


CHEST: light for the flat bench three set of twenty with very easy weight, next I would move onto incline and start to get serious. I would decrease the number of reps and go as heavy as you can for 8-12 reps for three sets. Then I would do three sets of 20 push-ups. Finally I would do heavy cable cross-over with a big scretch at the top.

TRICEP: Go light for 3 warm up set on tricep extensions of 20, next overhead ez curl bar on wide grip and heavy weight press out 3 sets of 15 increasing in weight each set, then 3 set of 20 b/w dips, finally finish with heavy dumb bell kickbacks witha drop set to 1/2 the weight on last set.

BACK: use a lateral row machine for 3 warm up sets of 20, next do heavy lateral pulldowns with reverse grip for 3 sets of 15 increasing the weight for each set, finally heavy low lateral rows with straight bar.

BICEPS: warm up with cable ez curl bar wide grip for 3 sets of 20, next going up the river then downthe river which is start with 15# dumbells for 20, then 20# db's for 15, 25# db's for 12 obviously increase the weight as needed.

LEGS: Start off with 3 sets of lunges for timed of 1 minute, next leg press 1st set ofn is ligth weight for at least 30, next is a heavier set of 20 then we start to go heavy 2 sets of 12 as heavy as you can and remember to always have a spotter when you work out with heavy weights. Next I would do leg extentions for three sets of 20. Finally i would do 2 sets of squats with nice deep squat at least 12 reps and 1 minute rest inbetween.

SHOULDERS: start off with overhead shoulder press db's for 3 sets of 20 lighter weight, next do front lateral db raises with heavier weight each rep with a minimum of 15 each set, finally do heavy military press with as heavy as you can do 3 sets of 8-10 reps. If you still have energy left finish with heavy db shrugs for 3 sets of 20.

In conclusion I would never do a heavier weght than what you think you can do without a spotter. I also believe that the right combination of BCAA'S, GLUTAMINE, HYPER-CELL, & THERMOGENICS can greatly increase your ability to get a great pump and see awesome gains. GOOD LUCK AND CHECK BACK SOON!

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