Increase Strength w/ Super Set Training

Super Set Training – Strength Training Techniques

Strength training uses resistance to build muscle mass, increase endurance, and strengthen muscles. As a muscle attempts to contract, such as with pull down exercises where the athlete pulls a bar with weights attached on the other end of a pulley, resistance requires the muscles to work harder for the same result. Again, as with pull downs, the weights on the other end of the pulley provide gravity resistance, making it harder to pull the bar down to chest level. Resistance can also be achieved with elastic bands or hydraulic forces. Strength training, therefore, is also known as resistance training. Super set training is an advanced form of strength training.

The theory behind super set training is to do two, three, or four exercises without a rest period in between. These exercises focus on one muscle or muscle group. For example, a bodybuilder interested in increasing his or her muscle mass in their triceps might go from bench pressing to push downs. Bench press exercises work the triceps, along with other muscles. Push downs focus primarily on the triceps. The bodybuilder would do these exercises one after the other, without resting before moving to the next exercise.

The goal of super set training and other similar advanced strength training exercises is to increase the rate at which athletes make progress. Exercises of this nature are more intense and help push athletes farther. Many bodybuilders and weightlifters who have reached a plateau in their workout routines will employ super set or similar advanced strength or resistance training exercises. When one of these athletes hits a plateau, they are often stuck, unable to do more repetitions or increase the weights they lift. As such, advanced resistance training can often help them push past the plateau and move on with their progression.

Strength or resistance training, including techniques like super set training is often used by numerous athletes. While it is most common to weightlifters and bodybuilders, other athletes such as football players, discus throwers, basketball and rugby players, as well as other team sport enthusiasts also employ strength training as part of their conditioning routine. Strength training can increase endurance and reduce the risk of injury during competitive sports. While strength training is not in and of itself a sport, it is common to use such exercise to train for other competitions, sporting events, and overall conditioning. Some techniques have been used as far back as Greek and Roman times.

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