Toning in Two Minutes

1. Superset - Lower Body

Squats 20-25

Alternating lunges 12-15 per leg

Split jumps 12-15 per side

From lunge position, jump up and switch legs. Alternate left from r right.

Squats jumps 12-15

From squat position, keeping your hands by your sides, jump as high as you can.

2. Superset – Upper Body

Push-ups 10-15

Rotational push-ups 5-10 per side

Lower to push-up position, then press up and lift right hand off floor, rotating body to right and shifting weight onto left palm and foot. Extend right arm straight toward ceiling. Return hand to floor, alternate between left and right.

Explosive push-ups 10 –15

Do regular push-ups as fast as you can.

3. Superset – Core

Rotational raises with ball 20

Lie back, leaning on your elbows, holding a 2 to 4 pound medicine ball between your feet. Lift the ball about a foot off the floor. Lower your legs to about 2 inches off the floor, at the same time shift body weight to your right glute. (Elbows remain on floor.) Lift ball again while shifting back to center, repeat shifting weight to left side.

Crunches with ball 20-25

Lie on floor holding medicine ball up toward the ceiling with straight arms. As you crunch, push ball upward.

Medicine ball V-ups 15

Lie on back with arms extended behind head, holding medicine ball in both hands, feet flat on floor. Raise legs while crunching upward. Lower, then crunch up again, shifting ball from ankles back to hands.

4. Superset – Total Body

Squats 10-15 (Keeping hands locked behind head.)

Push-ups 10-20

Standing rows 10-15

Attach resistance band to doorknob or column, holding one end in each hand, palms in, arms extended in front. Step back far enough to create challenging tension. Pull hands toward rib cage, keeping elbows close to sides.

Overhead presses with dumbbells 10-15

Hold dumbbells with hands near shoulders, palms forward. Press weights overhead, hold one count, and lower to start.

Russian twists 10

Hold medicine ball in front of torso, elbows bent 90 degrees. Rotate torso from left to right, keeping hips square.

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