Working out without having to leave your house

Go check it out…most documented research shows that working out at home can make or break the difference between quitting and staying in check with your personal fitness routine.

It isn’t too uncommon to hear someone say that they want to loose weight and wish they could do it while in the comfort of their own home. Here’s to those people whose prayers have just been answered! Studies have noted that people who exercise at home tend to do it more so than those who have a gym membership. People who work out at home are shown to train more often and are more committed to their routines. It isn’t specifically noted why, but my theory is that when working out in home you are comfortable, you don’t have to worry about what other people think or embarrassing yourself. You can easily make in home workouts as effective as gyms with these helpful hints.

Bring home the essentials if you can afford to. Of course clubs and gyms bring in members because the offer everything you need in a single facility. You can make your home as effortless as a big hustle and bustle gym. Even if you cannot afford in home training equipment, you can substitute items you already own and incorporate them into your daily routines. Start out with the basics; Cardio and strength equipment. With cardio, if you would prefer not to invest in a piece of equipment, then remember there is always the outdoors! Take a walk, jog, run, bike, whatever you’d like, the beauty of cardio is that you can adjust and switch up your routine at the drop of dime. Check out small sets of dumbbells (sets of 3) nothing fancy just something that works, and is within your comfort level for weight. Change your routine by mixing in videos, exercise balls, bands and a jump rope if you’d like.

Set up your equipment in the most convenient place for you. For instance, place your treadmill in front of a TV if you like to watch television, by a stereo, or by a window. Make sure you don’t set up your equipment in a place that can be easily ignored or closed off and forgotten about!

Take an outside look at your daily schedule and decide a time that is available to train. Plan your workouts around free time throughout your day. By reserving a specific time you should be able to avoid high traffic spots in your schedule. If need be, designate a particular time and inform your family, friends, roommates, neighbors, whoever, not to bother you! Keep phones in other rooms or turn them off if you’re able to.

If you are truly serious about in home training, then be sure to prepare you kitchen also. Always keep healthy food on hand. Keep your fridge and pantry packed with healthy foods. Make small, gradual changes, they most often make the biggest differences.

Good Luck!

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