The Benefits of Yoga

There is more to yoga than building lean, sexy muscles. There are certain poses related to yoga that have been found to naturally alleviate such things as stress, cramps, gas, and headaches. Yoga’s main objective is to promote relaxation that allows your body to work more efficiently. It also promotes blood flow that enables oxygen to reach areas of the body that are more likely to hold tension. The following are several instances in which yoga may aid in easing certain ailments.


Anxiety and Stress – Yoga Pose: Downward Facing Dog

This is an energizing and refreshing move that utilizes every muscle in your body. It diverts anxious thoughts and forces you to breath deeply and concentrate heavily on what you’re doing.

Headaches – Yoga Pose: Seated Forward Bend

By relaxing your upper body you initiate tension in your neck and shoulders to be released.

PMS, Cramps, Bloating and Fatigue – Yoga Pose: Reclining Bound Angle

Opening up your hips allows you to breathe deeper into your stomach while relaxing your uterus and easing cramping, the feeling of bloating and other irritable side effects of PMS.

Indigestion – Yoga Pose: Seated Twist

Twisting your body improves general circulation throughout your digestive tract by squeezing and gently massaging the intestines, liver and spleen.

Chest Cold – Yoga Pose: Legs up the Wall

By elevating your hips you allow the increase of blood flow to the lungs, which eases breathing.

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