When Inconvenience Hits Home

When “life” happens

This past week I had to move out of my apartment though the one I was moving to wasn’t going to be ready for about 6 days. Of course that caused all kinds of inconveniences, including problems with sticking to my nutrition plan. On top of the move, most of Cincinnati lost power because of a huge windstorm we got hit with this past Sunday. That being said, not only could I not have MY fridge accessible, but couldn’t use anyone else's, including the one at work.

This morning I’m looking back at the multiple times over the years I’ve fallen off my eating plan for a matter of a few days to a week, and thinking about the different reasons for those stumbles.

Since I began training clients back in 1996, I’ve heard a lot of poor reasons from clients as to why they have fallen short on what was expected of them regarding what their food intake should have been. Reasons such as “I ran out of eggs” or “I didn’t have time to get to the store” always piss me off a little bit to be honest. If they bought plenty of eggs to begin with (if I have 6 eggs each morning in an eating plan, why would they only buy a dozen? That would only get them by for two days!), there wouldn’t be a problem. Didn’t have time to get to the store? Make time. Stock up. There are many more poor EXCUSES but I’m not going to get into them now. When it really comes down to it, after this many years, I should have always have a plan for whatever obstacles life throws my way, so that I can still be consistent.

Now realize I’m admitting I DIDN’T have these things this past week, but I SHOULD have had them. I SHOULD have had a meal replacement powder (can’t make my whole food shakes without a blender much less keep the ingredients cold with no fridge!), and if not that at least a good blended protein like Beverly’s Ultimate Muscle Protein, which would keep me full a little better in my opinion. I’m not a vitamin fan to be honest, but seeing I wouldn’t be getting any vitamins from the good amount of food I usually eat I probably should have had a bottle of something like Schwartz Labs Vitaplex set back as well. Along with those things, some of those flavored packets of tuna, maybe some canned chicken, green beans, and to supplement my fat (though I HATE eating a ton of capsules, hence the reason I use flax oil instead of capsules) I should have had a bottle of omega 3 capsules set back as well.

Are you dedicated to your results?
Do you make your workouts a priority?
Do you try really really hard to eat all the right things?
Are you really determined to control how you look and fee?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I would recommend you have an emergency plan in regards to your food like I should have had this week. That being said, keep in mind that results and excuses don’t mix, so – be prepared, life happens.

Jason Michael - i-Supplements Supplement Guru

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