What Are The Best Protein Shakes?

Best Protein Shakes

It seems that the market is saturated with all sorts of protein supplements such as bars, powders, shakes. The choices can be a bit overwhelming and making educated decisions regarding products that are most beneficial can be a bit daunting. Take shakes for example. Many claim to have anywhere between 15 and 50 grams of protein per serving, come in a variety of flavors, and have carbohydrate amounts that vary from a trace to the equivalent of half a loaf of bread. So how can the average person know what constitutes the best protein shake? First, determine the reason for using protein shakes. Is the goal to increase muscle mass or are shakes being used as a convenient, healthy alternative to high-fat, high-calorie snack foods? Both are good reasons to drink protein but the type of protein makes a difference. There are shakes that contain whey, isolate, egg or soy proteins. A desire for muscle building, for example, would constitute a more pure and easily absorbed protein such as isolate or whey, while egg or soy based protein may suffice as a healthy snack alternative. When in doubt, shakes that contain whey protein will always be a safe choice. The human body has a more difficult time breaking down animal proteins which can be more difficult to digest. For the purpose of supplementation pre or post workout, easy digestion and absorption are key. Additionally, whey contains many essential amino acids that assist in tissue and muscle growth and repair. And let’s face it. Protein is the building-block of tissues, muscles, organs, nerves, hair and nails. Adequate protein intake is also essential for improved immune system function and can be especially helpful during cold and flu season, even if you are not a weight-lifter.

Second, take time to read the labels. The same rules that apply to food labels apply to protein shakes. Many products are high in sodium, sugar, calories and saturated fat. Just as one would avoid foods high in these ingredients they should avoid the same in a shake. Flavor is also a consideration. A person may love chocolate, (and who doesn’t?), but if that chocolate is bitter or has a chalky aftertaste why bother? If you are new to the world of protein shakes, look for one that is lower in calories and fat and comes in your favorite flavor and experiment from there.

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