Carnosine Information

Carnosine has been recognized as a beneficial and helpful supplementation for people that need a post work out boost to help with bodily fatigue and muscle repair.

Carnosine is a dipeptide consisting of two amino acids- histadine and alanine. Carnosine is helpful in many ways for people that exercise and strive for health maintenance. It helps with recovery and healing, it contains antioxidants, can strengthen the immune system and also helps to enhance the results and outcome of exercise by decreasing fatigue and increasing muscular contraction.

Recently, a study was done about Carnosine to learn about the effects of it on skeletal muscle and how it increases contractile force and decreases fatigue. Carnosine is present in most tissues but the highest content is in the brain and muscles-particularly type II muscles. It’s undoubtedly been shown to reduce fatigue and counteract destructive changes to muscles and nerves from age and environmental changes.

Carnosine can be considered a reparative and preventative supplement for people who exercise on a regular basis and want a boost for cell and physical recovery. Supplements containing Carnosine are available at affordable prices on

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