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There’s no waiting with COLD FUSION EXPLOSION™. Take it BEFORE your workout and watch your workout EXPLODE. Our double dose of the two strongest forms of Nitric Oxide (NO) boosters give you the immediate satisfaction of shirt-busting pumps as your blood vessels dilate and blood races to your muscles. . Then we follow it up with a dual load of the most bioavailable creatine to feed those hungry muscles. So you can see results with the very first workout. You’ll notice rapid changes in the size and shape of your muscles. You’ll feel stronger, more focused, more energetic. And you’ll see more improvements every week.

It’s a dynamic combination. COLD FUSION EXPLOSION™ supplies Nitric Oxide (NO) to open your blood vessels then delivers the nutrients and muscle building agents like Creatine that lead to EXTREME muscle growth, density and hardness. You'll “feel” the pump with Nitric Oxide but you'll keep it with our proprietary Creatine blend.

You may have tried Creatine before. While there are over 250 scientific studies proving Creatine's impact on muscle growth and strength, most people don’t get any results because they bought the WRONG Creatine.

Most products are made Creatine monohydrate, an unstable form that converts almost immediately to a toxin called Creatinine when it's combined with ANY liquid. LG Sciences uses only the most biolavailable Creatine in two forms so you can absorb it better and avoid diarrhea, bloat and other problems. With some formulas, you absorb as little as 20% of the Creatine you take before the rest converts to a waste product. LG SCIENCES's COLD FUSION EXPLOSION™ formula allows Creatine to pass across cell membranes in the intestines and muscle cells more efficiently.

Our Anabolic Volumizing Complex harness the power of NO to increase blood flow and nutrients to your muscles so that when you “stress” them by working out, muscle mass will increase more than with the workout alone. We use two forms of the most bioavailable Arginine to maximize Creatine transport and increase NO production.. Most Arginine in other supplements gets destroyed in the intestine but the forms we use are specifically designed to pass through your intestine without being destroyed. It's how COLD FUSION EXPLOSION™ makes you stronger and bigger, quicker than diet and training can alone.

Other ingredients make it easier to use Creatine and intensify the effect of Creatine and Nitric Oxide in your body. Our proprietary blend of herbs, minerals and amino acids may give you 19 times the results you’d get with Creatine alone. This same blend lets you continue to produce NO so you get more benefits longer.

Of course, many users report incredible side effects on their sex life, too! Anything that increases blood flow, nutrients and sensation is going to be a bonus in the bedroom. Some of the ingredients in this same mix have been studied as “erection enhancers” and sperm increasers.

One other place you’ll notice the effects of COLD FUSION EXPLOSION™ is post workout. We added other ingredients to increase energy and buffer lactic acid so you'll be less sore and tired after your workouts. You may even burn more fat as fuel during your workout. .

Only a product that combines two forms of highly absorbable Creatine, two forms of the most effective Arginine for NO production and a proprietary blend of extras can provide the kind of results you’re looking for. When you’re ready for massive, dense muscles, extreme vascularity, awesome strength, extra endurance, and super energy, it’s time to explode your workout plateau with COLD FUSION EXPLOSION™.

Combine COLD FUSION EXPLOSION™ with our TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER , FORMADROL EXTREME™ or our PROHORMONE, METHYL 1-D in one of our STACKS and you'll see hard-core results you won't believe.

LG Sciences gives you the ultimate in GENETIC GROWTH. When you combine all of our products, we will show you how you can CHANGE YOUR MUSCLE DENSITY FOREVER! We give you the science behind every product to show how you can increase satellite cell growth. With COLD FUSION EXPLOSION, we can show how ADVANCED DELIVERY CREATINE products create satellite cells to change your genetics and increase hypertrophy. First we need to define how you grow so you understand:

Hypertrophy – building your existing muscle cells (filling them up with protein), this is why you plateau and only grow so much…

Hyperplasia – building NEW muscle cells via satellite cells, this is how you get new muscle growth and push past any genetic plateau.

Each supplement contains the ingredients to cause hypertrophy and hyperplasia and can be combined for even greater growth backed by science:


“In conclusion, the present study demonstrate for the first time that creatine supplementation in combination with strength training amplifies the training-induced increase in satellite cell number and myonuclei concentration in human skeletal muscle fibres, thereby allowing an enhanced muscle fibre growth in response to strength training.”

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